“Snow or Woah: Over the Washburn Pass”

Woke up to a dusting of snow, but the pass was open. Heading south to Hayden Valley – a new section of the park!

A moment of awe, with a nearby grizzly, a brave coyote, and a watchful elk.

Snowball fights, and a snowball duel!

Humbled by the power of the Yellowstone River’s Lower Falls.

Bison surprise at the end of a four mile hike through the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone’s changing landscapes.

Unbearable temperatures of the Mud Volcano reached 159°F.

Rolling hills outline the expansive Hayden Valley where herds of elk and bison lounge.

Noxious odors of the Dragons Mouth Spring are juxtaposed with its impressiveness.

Grizzly bear
Hiking through graupel (snowflakes coated in rime ice that look a lot like dip-n-dots) in a backcountry thermal area

Perusing a wide variety of merchandise at Canyon Village.

An ominous day where everything magically worked out…

Sounds of the piano as the group kicks back at the Lake Hotel.

Sadly, another day has come to an end.

Snow moving in over the Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River



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