“Grounding in the Tetons”

From a distance, the sharp spires loom large. Majesty unparalleled. A blue abyss reflects the awesomeness of nature, snaking its way through the mountain passes. Otherworldly comes to mind. As we continue the approach, the jagged geography grows and grows, never losing its novelty. The glacier of Mt. Moran shines bright white in the morning sun, beckoning visitors and whispering tales of long, long ago.

Group at Grand Teton National Park

We hike to Taggart Lake. The aspen trees, grouse and butterflies set the stage for a beautiful outdoor day. The stream’s melody greets us along our way. A pine forest reminiscent of Narnia brings peace and nostalgia. Changing, ever-changing, are these mountain paths. The challenging terrain is the work before the reward. The lake’s crystal blues and greens sing a siren song, that lure one of our own into its refreshing waters.

Liz wading in Taggart Lake

Birds singing and aspens rustling in the wind embrace you at Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve. The minimalist landscape and eco-friendly visitor center embody the tranquil beauty of the Tetons. Trails meander through lush green thickets and creeks are wild and loud. A waterfall lulls you into oblivion before the lake refreshes the soul.

The entrance to the Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve

Mother Nature puts on yet another show as we depart Grand Teton and witness true symbols of the wild—-BEARS!—-a grizzly and her three cubs, a cinnamon black bear and a grizzly bear.

These experiences allowed connection to self, each other and the awesomeness of the outdoors.

“Mindful of different ways of being, our awareness as a species shifts — We recognize the soul of the land as our own.”
Terry Tempest Williams



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