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New England Institute

Sunrise at Broad Cove. Photo: Shoals Marine Lab.

Last held: June 20-28, 2018

New England is uniquely positioned at a nexus of weather systems moving across the country and ocean currents moving up and down the east coast, making it a perfect place to explore the impacts of weather and water on various ecosystems. Additionally, the region was renowned for its fish and timber and showcases a long history of human impact on the environment.

North Carolina educators traveling to New England witness first-hand the importance of conservation in both the marine and terrestrial environments and have the opportunity to participate in ongoing research projects. Whether examining tidal creatures and nesting seabird colonies with Shoals Marine Laboratory or documenting the phenology of alpine wildflowers and krummholz in the White Mountains, teachers forge deeper connections to the natural world. They return to North Carolina inspired to create meaningful and relevant experiences for their students right here at home.