“…And even the sky was crying”

July 18th

This morning we awoke to the sounds of a rainstorm after what seemed like 2 minutes of sleep. The weather was a representation of our emotions about leaving this amazing place and these generous people, to whom we have given our hearts. We had an emotional reflection session before breakfast where we shared failures and successes, laughter and tears, our hopes for the future, and our deep connections to places here and at home. By the time we had finished sharing our thoughts and feelings, the sun seemed to recognize our joy and started to make its presence known, appearing to wish us “buena suerte” (good luck) on our long journey home.

Sunset over the Amazon from the canopy walkway



  • Linda C

    4 years ago

    Just awesome!

  • Leslie Hooper

    4 years ago

    Safe travels! I have enjoyed following your journey! I know you all have been blessed beyond measure & your lives are better for having traveled with the museum on this life-changing adventure! Bienvenidos home!

  • Kristin C

    4 years ago

    I feel as though I have traveled with you. Thank you all for a wonderful, vicarious trip to the Amazon:)

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