Yellowstone in Winter

“Travel Day: The Adventure Begins”

Our day started at 4 am with a trip to Raleigh-Durham International Airport. After our first flight was in the air, we heard that the FAA had grounded all flights until 9 am due to a software update! Thankfully, we had already made it to Minneapolis and it only added an hour to our layover. We spent learning more about our trip and each other, which allowed us to begin our journals. We were given stickers of maps and our background info to begin our reflections, to which we added our own goals and expectations.

people sitting in airport

Our first flight was joyous, with only 35 people onboard. We could all spread out and some people even had 3 seats to lay down! The connector from Minneapolis to Montana was packed tight. After arrival we hit the grocery store for snacks, then hit the road to Gardiner via Livingston. We followed the Yellowstone River south from Gardiner and saw elk, mule deer, bald eagles, and magpies!

view out airplane window of snow covered mountains

We arrived at the North Yellowstone Hostel at 5:30 pm local time, 7:30 our time. A taco dinner awaited us as we had our first group meeting. We are now ready for our Yellowstone National Park journey tomorrow!

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  • Wendy Hall

    11 months ago

    So glad you all got off before all the delays!!
    Our Kindergarten class checked in with you this morning and look forward to following your trip!
    Apparently, all they know about Yellowstone is the TV show (rolling my eyes here), so this will be a good experience for them to follow you!

  • Deb Hanson

    11 months ago

    You are in good hands with Melissa. Enjoy your adventures and learn a lot!

  • Reid Booker

    11 months ago

    This looks like a fun trip.

    • Megan Davis

      11 months ago


      We are having so much fun and I can’t wait to share all the pics just from today! Mrs. Dobson

  • Laura Cochrane

    11 months ago

    So excited to follow your adventure! I fell in love with Yellowstone when I attended summer institute … Melissa is a fantastic guide to “all things Yellowstone.” I had the best time sharing this journey and what I learned with my 6th grade students during our plate tectonics unit – they loved it! Enjoy !!

  • Patrick Vernon

    11 months ago

    I was so glad the FAA systems issue did not majorly impact the length of the journey. My students & I are excited to follow your journey via the blog. Wishing continued safe travels

  • Chani Johnson

    11 months ago

    MIss you Mrs Dobson! can’t wait to see more blogs of your adventure <3

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