Yellowstone in Winter

“Early Birds Get to Yellowstone”

Everybody made it to Raleigh despite the extreme weather that affected our state yesterday. Some folks had such a long trip yesterday that they stayed in a hotel last night, and they had to deal with power outages. Our travels began extremely early today, and most of the folks on our team got up at 2:30am to be at the airport at 4am. Surprisingly, even with the weather, neither of our flights was affected. One of our team members, Adam, celebrated a major life event this morning, as it was his first flight!

Adam gets his wings on his first flight.

Our team is really meshing well, and we have already started to bond. Our teachers are enjoying surrendering control to our museum leaders and getting the opportunity to be in the role of students.

On the drive to Yellowstone from the airport in Bozeman we saw magpies, elk, bald eagles, bison and mule deer. We observed the angles, layers and textures of the rock formations, which we used to deduce the geologic history of the area.

We arrived at our hostel, nestled beside the Yellowstone River. We got settled in our rooms, had a refreshing team meeting and enjoyed a yummy supper. Everyone is exhausted and happy, so we are going to bed early. Tomorrow starts with breakfast at 5:30am and a 6am departure for Yellowstone National Park!



  • Jeanette Bowers

    5 months ago

    I’m so excited for all of you and are keeping you in my prayers for safety of your group and protection from the bitter temperatures. Enjoy yourselves and learn well because you’ve got families who are excited to hear about your experiences. God bless you all!
    Tracy’s Mama

  • Tonya Dobson

    5 months ago

    Congrats on the safe arrival! Y’all looking fabulous and ready for the adventure. Hope you have an “octoungululate day” tomorrow!

  • Lisa Shaw

    5 months ago

    We are so EXCITED for Ms. Harrelson and her new friends! Greetings from Edgewood Elementary School.

  • Ronald Heinze

    5 months ago

    I will follow you every day.

  • Dr. Jennifer James

    5 months ago

    Have so much fun Mrs. Higgins and everyone else!

  • S. Jones

    5 months ago

    We are so excited to follow along with Miss Leggett’s adventure! We hope everyone has a great time and stays warm!
    – Love, Miss Leggett’s classes!

  • Susan Steiner

    5 months ago

    This is so exciting to follow y’all’s experience in Yellowstone. Post lots of pictures!

  • Deb

    4 months ago

    Great Picture! Looks like everyone is awake and very excited!

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