“The Adventure Begins”

We started bright and early in Raleigh and ended up (still bright) but later in Yellowstone National Park! We checked into our cabins, hiked to a scenic cliff where we revisited our goals and set our new ones for the trip.

Some of our goals for this trip

We bonded over our excitement to leave behind a school year, the demands of being needed and responsible for so much, and our desire to live in the moment, be present and take it all in as we begin this journey together!

Group meeting on a ridge above the Gardner River

To top it off…. We saw lots of elk in the sagebrush, playing in the road, and grazing the lawns in Mammoth, where we are staying tonight.

Elk on the sidewalk in the town of Gardiner, MT (taken from our vehicle)



  • Joseph Beamon

    1 month ago

    I hope you see a lot of wolves!

    • Melissa Dowland

      1 month ago


      We saw 4 today! Melissa says sorry, Joe!

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