“A Yellowstone Verse”

A wolf, osprey, and bison jam

as we made our way to meet Dan.

Two black bears walked through the meadow just in front of us

Along with seeing two bull moose which was definitely a must.

Then in the stream

You never would have guessed what we’ve seen.

It was a moose cow and calf standing by the the stream

We were so excited we all had silent screams.

Cow moose with her calf partially hidden in the willows

Dan Hartman, wildlife photographer, was the man

He sees things that no one else can.

In the Shoshone National forest he took us on a hike.

We walked with all our might

In the alpine forest we saw an owl, woodpecker, rough grouse, and prints of paws.

We searched and searched for wildlife and wild flowers as we meandered in awe.

Group with Dan Hartman
Hiking with all our might!

Winding roads of Beartooth Mountain to 10985 feet high

Marmot and pika were everywhere… oh my!

Beartooth Butte

A visit to Cooke City for dinner and shopping

Pebble Creek canyon was next but for sure… no hopping!

Finally winding down for the day

We say…

“Goodnight from us and the mama coyote, coyote pups, and our final glimpse of the Junction Butte black wolf.”

Lakan, Megan, and Evan



  • Landon Leggett

    1 month ago

    What an amazing experience! You guys are learning things you don’t even realize yet! Continue to learn & enjoy!
    Museum staff— you guys are amazing for leading this experience for educators!

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